Jen and Brandi are Independent Scentsy Consultants. Brandi started her Scentsy journey as an Essential Consultant in the Fall/Winter of 2016/2017 and Jen joined her in August of 2017 as an Essential Consultant. After Jen joining we decided to go into business together which is when Warm My Home 13 was born.

Brandi’s Favorite Scentsy Scents and Products:

Scents: Southern Evening, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Luna, Mystery Man.

Warmer: Tillia.

Scentsy Go: Silver

Jen’s Favorite Scentsy Scents and Products:

Scents: Luna, Southern Evening, Thunderstorm, Mystery Man, Crisp Orchard Air, Farmstand Pumpkin.

Warmer: Wildlife Warmer and Chasing Fireflies.

Diffuser Reflect Shade

Scentsy Go: Rose Gold

Jen reached a few of the Scentsy goals and promotions, she earned the Shooting Star Kit and Sensational Start and she also promoted to Certified Consultant. Her next promotion will be a Lead Consultant once she has some awesome people to join the Warm My Home 13 Team!!!!

Outside of Scentsy Brandi is a Veterinary Assistant and finishing her certifications and lives in Fredericksburg, Va, and Jen is an Assistant Archivist and lives in Leesburg, Va.