Warmer Wraps work with the Etched Core Silhouette Scentsy Warmer and Travertine Core Warmer



It’s a picturesque country morning, where a rooster’s crow and the easy creak of an old-fashioned windmill let the world know it’s time to rise.


Farm Life


Relish the farm life — even from a city loft! — with this picturesque scene featuring all the quaint essentials.



Forest Meadow


A family of deer amble amidst towering firs in a beautifully detailed forest scape that brings nature’s tranquility indoors.


Friendly Forest Warmer Wrap


Wrap your Etched Core or Carrara Warmer with a menagerie of cute critters and stylized flora, all rendered in a folk-art-inspired style.


Give Thanks Warmer Wrap


An autumn-inspired message of gratitude, and a bountiful boost to our Etched Core Warmer (sold separately).


Haunt Warmer Wrap


The detail draws you in. And the creepy cemetery scape — brought to life with a spooky, moonlit glow — will instill plenty of chills come Halloween night.


Moose Valley


Find rustic reverie in a beautifully rendered scene of a moose family in their woodsy homeland.