Harvest Collection

Harvest Collection is available until sold out:

Amber Leaves Mini Warmer


A simple, elegant rendering of autumn-painted leaves awash in golden light. 4″  tall, 15W, glass.


Buddy Clothing: Pumpkin


One boo-ready Buddy coming up! This adorable getup (modeled here by Lenny the Lamb; sold separately) fits most Scentsy Buddies, so go ahead and splurge. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.


Farmstand Pumpkin Lotion


Indulgent notes of fresh apple, cinnamon stick, pumpkin and caramel. 7.7 fl. oz.


Give Thanks Warmer Wrap


An autumn-inspired message of gratitude, and a bountiful boost to our Etched Core Warmer (sold separately).


Haunt Warmer Wrap


The detail draws you in. And the creepy cemetery scape — brought to life with a spooky, moonlit glow — will instill plenty of chills come Halloween night.


Maple Leaf Warmer


Seasons change, but their emblems are everlasting. Maple Leaf drenches gorgeous detail in a rich, bronze-toned finish to create a fall-flavored design that shines year-round.


Mr. Bones Warmer


Dearly departed, but still ready to decorate! With a glow-in-the-dark finish that adds a fiendishly fun touch, Mr. Bones is a to-die-for Halloween guest. To activate finish, just expose Mr. Bones to bright light and his paint will come alive (then slowly fade until the process is repeated). 7.5″ inches tall, element.


Rustic Pumpkin Warmer


Like the natural-born beauty that inspired it, Rustic Pumpkin brings an earthy, sophisticated look to any display. 7.5″ tall, 20W.


Salem Warmer


A must-have Halloween motif, fashioned into a bewitching and oh-so-spooky silhouette. Includes a dangling spider! 7″ tall, element.


Spooky House Warmer


A haunted abode looms ominously against a wave of soft, ghostly light. 4″  tall, 15W, glass.


Superstition Mini Warmer


This chic, stylized black cat is a good luck guarantee. 4″  tall, 15W, glass.