Kids Oils & Diffusers

Pair our kid-friendly Diffusers and Scentsy Oils to create a dazzling, multisensory experience just for little ones!


Deep Blue Sea Diffuser $130.00

(Shade Only $50)

It’s an adventure under the waves! Little voyagers will love creating fantastical scenes with magnetic — or are they magic? — sea creatures, while they discover new ways to explore at every turn! Includes six magnets.


Once Upon a Time Diffuser $130.00

(Shade Only $50)

Step inside an enchanted world, where a princess tames a darling dragon as her prince guards the castle. Or maybe they all enjoy a picnic in the meadow? The options are endless with colorful  magnets kids can use to design their own fairytale. Includes five magnets.



Baby Bliss Essential Oil 15mL


Hopscotch Butterscotch Essential Oil 15mL


Twinkle Twinkle 100% Natural Oil 15mL